Group for anyone who wants to introduce national wage, or are just interested in the topic and will discuss the civil wage and other possible models for the welfare and monetary distribution.

Now we have established the Civil Wage Alliance in Norway 13/9-2012

Here is the link to our Facebook page in Norway:

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Civil Salary is a term for an economic benefit to all residents of a community.

Civil  Salary can be thought of as a minimum, all residents must have to have a minimum economic levels to have a reasonably dignity. The motivation for introducing national salary may be a desire that no citizen deserves to starve or freeze.

The world welfare state has a large number of schemes that provide financial support to many groups disadvantaged people.

Local social services to capture those that fall outside other arrangements, but it is the experience of someone either did not get help, or will not turn on social welfare. Therefore, there is a small number of residents in the world that falls outside of all the welfare schemes.

The possible introduction of national salaries, a large number of benefits or programs reduced or eliminated. These include: sickness benefits, rehabilitation benefits, rehabilitation benefits, unemployment benefits, disability benefits, child benefits, basic benefits, student loans, student scholarships, artist wages, agricultural subsidies, redundancy, establishment grants, social security, housing, husbanklån, at least less tax, discount schemes for disadvantaged subsidies for food, etc.

Costs by paying a minimum wage / salary for all civil inhabitants will probably innspares by that other payment arrangements are removed and the savings in the administration of these schemes.

(Source:  Wikipedia)